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Deodorants and Antiperspirants

Men Agent Deodorant Gentleman Touch

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What are some good shaving tips?

Different razors work well for different men. Multi blade razors can give you a close shave, but using a single or double blade razor is better if you experience skin bumps or ingrown hairs. At the end, always use aftershave to ensure your skin is protected. We recommend the Men Agent Aftershave Lotions. Also, change your razor blades after every 5-7 shaves to reduce irritation, and have a close shave.

What kind of skin care routine should I have?

Always wear sunscreen when you go out, and wash your face with a mild face wash and lukewarm water when you’re done exercising. Other than that, use a toner and moisturizer everyday after washing your face, to keep your skin healthy and problem free. Skin care isn’t just for women - men have skin, too!

What is the difference between antiperspirants and deodorants?

The difference is visible in the name - antiperspirants reduce sweating, while deodorants mask body odour coming from sweat with their strong scent. The active ingredient in antiperspirants is aluminium, which prevents sweating. Both keep you fresh, and what you choose to use will depend on your body, and how much you sweat on a regular day.



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